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Modern Foreign Languages

Marden Lodge recognises the importance of children’s exposure to other cultures. We consider the importance of Modern Foreign Languages as being essential to our children’s education and are pleased to be able to offer weekly French lessons to our Key Stage 2 children. As children progress through the school, they will build on using French phrases and be able to hold a small conversation with a partner.

Each KS2 class will have a French lesson on a weekly basis. Taught through song and practical lessons children will begin to recognise and learn French greetings, colours, days of the week and months of the year before building on to talking in full sentences. To support children’s understanding and confidence in speaking French it will not only be confined to the lesson and children will be encouraged to answer the register in French and to try and use their French phrases throughout the day.

Throughout their time at Marden Lodge, we want children to be appreciative of other cultures and to immerse themselves in the learning of a new language. We want to develop children’s confidence and prepare them for when they move on to language learning at secondary school.

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