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Religious Education

At Marden Lodge, our aim is to develop our children’s understanding of the world around them so that they are accepting and tolerant individuals with a good understanding of the diverse world that they live in. Through RE, children are given opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of a range of religions and cultures found within their community.

Through the use of real life artefacts, trips to local places of worship, inviting visitors/ speakers in to school from various faith groups, children develop their curiosity and are given lots of opportunities to ask questions. Festivals are also explored and celebrated during whole school assemblies.

We try to make learning meaningful by encouraging lots of class and group discussions in RE. Children discuss their own religious beliefs and share experiences with each other.  We also encourage children to compare similarities and differences between religious and non religious groups.

Children will have a good understanding of who they are and where they belong. They will display respect for cultures and religions and celebrate the diversity found in our world.


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