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Physical Education

At Marden Lodge, we understand the importance and effect of an active lifestyle on health and wellbeing. We recognise that
Physical Education, delivered in a safe and supportive environment, is crucial to a child’s physical and emotional development and health.
Through a diverse PE curriculum, we provide our pupils with the encouragement and confidence to try new activities, acquire and
develop new skills and build upon existing ones. PE at Marden Lodge promotes the power of sportsmanship and fair play enabling our pupils to work successfully in competitive and collaborative situations.
We offer our pupils a range of after school sports clubs alongside their regular PE lessons and opportunities to represent our school alongside other local primary schools. The children’s achievements in sports are celebrated with the school and parents and carers. We believe in promoting a sense of enjoyment from being physically active.
Our pupils engage in a process of evaluating, reviewing and improving performance and in doing so develop as refelective and independent leaners
At Marden Lodge we
  • Teach a range of disciplines
  • Build upon previously taught skills and knowledge from Reception through to Year 6
  • Make learning objectives clear and measurable
  • Model skills 
  • Encourage childrn to self assess and set targets.

We aim for children to :

  • Develop positive language and better communication skills
  • Be able to work collavoratively in a range of different context
  • Gain increased confidence and a willingness to try new things.
  • Understand the prupose and the benefits of P.E and exercise
  • Understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the impact on wellbeing. 
  • Be fully engaged and entusiastic


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