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Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Curriculum

The SMSC curriculum at Marden Lodge is rooted in our Thrive curriculum, British Values and the school's 6 Pillars of Character. Below are some of the ways in which we promoite SMSC throughout the school:

• The 6 Pillars of Character are embedded in every classroom.

• Weekly assemblies reflect the 6 Pillars of Character and promote British Values.

• Using real life contexts for learning: real vegetables at harvest time, making bread and eating it.

• Themes such as road-safety, anti-bullying, racism, kindness, relationships addressed throughout the year and are incidental when the need arises.

• Learning about the differences between us, our families, abilities, beliefs and celebrations.

 • Valuing everybody equally, celebrating events from a range of different cultures. Visits from family members to share how they celebrate at home.

• Celebrating multi-faith festivals and special days through music, art, visits from parents.

• Talking and learning about the people who are special to them at home and outside their home.

• Classroom environments allow for children to use their imagination and creativity through outdoor/indoor provision including forest school and outdoor area with chickens.

• Thrive room (timetabled by Thrive Practitioner) allows for children to have indoor provision to use their imagination and express their emotions in a supportive way.

• Marden Lodge’s class expectations, rewards and sanctions in each classroom. Understanding the difference between right and wrong.

 • Children have a worry monster in every classroom where children are encouraged to put their worries inside and the teacher responds to these (relates to Thrive actions plans)

• Year 5 & 6 residential trips that encourages taking risks, encouraging motivation and being independent.

• Links with the local community, rotary ambassadors and also linking with local charities and events.