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The Marden Lodge Curriculum

At Marden Lodge Primary School & Nursery we aim to foster a lifelong love of learning, through adopting a board and balanced curriculum which will ensure that all our pupils are prepared for life. We have a comprehensive understanding of our children and school community and have designed our curriculum accordingly, based on our school vision, to meet the specific needs of all Marden Lodge children.

Our vision statement ‘Aim High, Working Hard, Learning Together’ encompasses what we as a school community strive to achieve. Interwoven into our curriculum are our six Marden Star Values (Trustworthy, Respectful, Responsibility, Fair, Caring, and Active Citizens) which have been carefully selected to represent the values that we hold great importance to at Marden Lodge. As a result, our children:

  • develop a sense of belonging to, and play an active and caring role in their community

  • understand how to look after themselves, and their needs

  • treat others with respect, use good manners and be tolerant 

  • broaden their outlook on life

  • become independent lifelong learners


In short, we want our children to shape their own lives, and have the skills to be the person they want to be. Our inclusive curriculum is delivered in a highly practical and thematic way. Subjects are taught in their own right and we ensure there is a range of opportunities and enrichment activities for cross curricular learning throughout each topic. The academic achievement, wellbeing and character development of our pupils is at the heart of our curriculum and we regularly review our provision to ensure that it is relevant, engaging and challenging for all.

More specifically, the Marden Lodge Curriculum:

  • Sets high expectations for ALL

  • Inspires and motivates

  • Considers the children’s context, circumstances and voice

  • Strives to close the vocabulary gap

  • Avoids cognitive overload

  • Focuses on depth of learning

  • Involves the whole community

  • Prepares the children for the next phase of their education

  • Equips the children with the knowledge and cultural capital that they need to succeed in life

  • Broadly follows the objectives set out in the National Curriculum


Our curriculum is underpinned by our Marden’s Marvellous Learners learning behaviours, which promotes effective learning behaviours in all areas of the curriculum. Our weekly celebration assembly highlights those children who have been displaying these during that week.




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