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To be able to write, first children must be able to speak confidently using an increasing vocabulary. They need to learn how to recognise and form letters that make up the sounds in words before they begin to develop an awareness of different sentence structures. 

In the Early Years, children will learn how to write letters alongside their phonics sessions. The focus on letter formation allows them to play with words and sounds before they start to write whole words. When they are confident with some letters, they can begin to create words and phrases. By encourgaing pupils to speak in full sentences and through teaching them new words, we ensure they are prepared to write, once they have grasped the mechanics of letter formation. 

As they progress through the school, the children develop their understanding of grammatical structures and syntax alongside learning about different purposes and genres of writing. Reading and speaking and listening skills are essential in creating confident writers so we provide lots of opportunities for role play, discussion and reading of a range of texts. 

Pupils are encouraged to edit and improve their writing at all ages. This may take the form of checking for spelling errors or rewriting sentences or paragraphs to add detail and interest or for clarity. 


Handwriting is an important element of the writing process and children get regular feedback on how to improve their handwriting alongside modelled examples. They practise their handwriting so that it is legible and easy to follow.