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Childcare Fees - Entitlements


Tax-Free Childcare to open to Children Under 6

In April this year, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) started rolling out the childcare service  a single website through which parents can apply for both 30 hours free childcare and Tax-Free Childcare. On 24 November 2017, the service will be open to parents whose youngest child is under 6 or who has their 6th birthday on that day.  Parents can apply online through the childcare service which can be accessed via the Childcare Choices website .

Over the coming months, HMRC will gradually open the childcare service to parents of older children, while continuing to make further improvements to the system.  This means they will be able to manage the volume of applications going through the service, so parents continue to receive a better experience and prompt eligibility responses when they apply, almost all parents receive a response within five working days, and most get their decision instantly.  All eligible parents will be able to apply by the end of March 2018.