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Explore Some More at 2 - 4 (Years)


For dates and times please see our Facebook page  "Caterham Children's Centre - What's On" OR call the office on 01883 348641 

The Explore Some More at 2 - 4years sessions are run alongside our Communication & Language sessions, to allow families to play & learn together

These sessions are facilitated at the request of some of our families who reminded us that the only session available for children aged 2+ had to be booked. The sessions will be planned to lend themselves well to families being able to drop-in, please be aware though, that we only accept a maximum of 10 families per session, so please don’t be offended if we tell you we are full. The emphasis on the sessions  to encourage and support development of children’s language, communication, creativity,  physical ability and independent skills, therefore whilst the sessions are planned for the children, we do expect that adults will fully participate.

5 Reasons to Understand more about Communication:

1. It doesn't happen by accident

2. YOU can make the difference

3. It helps to know what happens and when

4. Being able to talk and listen well is important

5. The earlier we help the better

Research shows that lots of children struggle to develop their communication skills.  Poor language can put   children at risk of poor behaviour (through lack of understanding  expectations) so it’s good to know how you can help your child to speak and listen. By 2 years, old toddlers can often   understand much more than they can say, sometimes resulting in frustration if they cannot get their message across, these sessions will give you opportunities to tune into body language and none verbal communications as well as encourage the spoken word