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Why do cows drink milk?


Why do cows drink milk?

Spring 2



This topic we will be learning all about farms and the animals that live there. We will be exploring the different food grown and made on a farm as well as creating and making our own farm out of junk modelling.

To kick start our topic we were lucky enough to have some feathered visitors in to see us!

We loved meeting the chickens and helped name them Rachel and Jack. We fed them corn and watched carefully as they pecked. We thought of questions and confidently asked the farmer.

"When do the chickens lay their eggs?"

"Can you eat the eggs?"

"Are the chickens girls or boys?"

chicken to

We learnt line dancing and made up our own dances. After lunch we had a sensory afternoon, we milked cows, washed pigs and loaded tractors with hay and corn.

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