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Progress & Development Checks at 1 + 2 Years

Two year old checks - information for parents

When your child turns two they will be offered two different development reviews. One is carried out by the NHS, usually by a health visitor and is called the 27 month development review. The other will take place at your child's Ofsted registered childcare and is called the two year progress check.

The 27 month development review is different to the progress check so you should take the opportunity to have both. Each check has the same aim of making sure that you and your child get the right support at the right time, so there is some overlap but they focus on different things.

Starting this year, the two reviews are being brought together in an integrated review at age two. The aim of integrating the reviews is to:

  • identify the child’s progress, strengths and needs at this age in order to promote positive outcomes in health and wellbeing, learning and development
  • facilitate appropriate intervention and support for children and their families, where progress is less than expected
  • generate information which can be used to plan services and contribute to the reduction of inequalities in children’s outcomes.

Each review will still be carried out separately but your childcare provider should complete the progress check before the development review happens. You can then take the progress check summary to the development review so the health visitor can look at the information. If the health visitor thinks your child needs more support they will then work with your childcare provider to make sure that happens. 

If you would like more information to support your  - 5 year old, you might like to visit the Health Team's web site:



Early years progress check

The progress check at age two is a requirement of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is the framework that sets the standards for learning, development and care of children from birth to five years and must be followed by all registered childcare providers.

The progress check will:

  • review your child's learning and development
  • identify their strengths and see if they need extra support in any areas
  • make sure that the people looking after your child know about their interests and needs
  • suggest ways you can support your child's learning and development at home

The check will be completed at your childcare setting by your child's key person. If your child attends more than one childcare provider the check will usually be carried out at the one where they spend the most amount of time.

Your childcare provider will invite you to a meeting to talk through the check and to give you a written summary. You will be asked to bring your child's red book (health record) to the meeting. During the meeting your childcare provider will insert a written summary of the progress check into your child's red book so the health visitor can quickly and easily find the information.

The NHS will contact you separately to arrange your child's 27 month development review. 


NHS 27 month development review

The 27 month development review forms part of the Government's Healthy Child Programme that aims to make sure families are healthy, supported and have access to the services they need. It is an opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have.

lt will usually cover things like:

  • General development, including movement, speech, social skills and behaviour, and hearing and vision
  • Growth, healthy eating and keeping active
  • Managing behaviour and encouraging good sleeping habits
  • Teeth brushing and going to the dentist
  • Keeping your child safe
  • Vaccinations

The NHS will send you a letter to arrange your child's development review before they are 27 months old. The letter will include an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3). You may be asked to fill this in with your child before your appointment and take it along on the day. You will also be asked to bring your child's red book to the appointment. If you do not receive a letter, you may wish to contact the GP surgery you are registered with to book a review.

During the appointment the health visitor will review the questionnaire and, if they have had one, your child's two year progress check summary. They will also ask your child to carry out some simple exercises. They will use all this information to check that your child is progressing as they should be.

If they feel your child needs more support they will help arrange this for you and if necessary contact your childcare provider to talk about the next steps.