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Mastery of mathematics is something that we want all pupils at Marden Lodge to acquire throughout their school lives, and beyond. To achieve this we include aspects of fluency, reasoning and problem solving in mathematics lessons and aim for all pupils to gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through diving deeper. As the children dive deeper into their learning of mathematics we want them to explore and express their ideas orally through stem sentences and key vocabulary so that they can reason their findings and answers confidently. We recognise that to implement an effective teaching for mastery approach across the school will take time and, as such, we are rolling it out over time.


Tiny steps will be made in each lesson to develop a secure understanding. The small steps that were learnt in the previous lessons will be reviewed before moving on with same day intervention . Learning objectives are microscopic and reflect the new learning taking place in the lesson.

Questions will be planned carefully to ensure all children can access the learning and that their knowledge is deepening. All children will be expected to understand and use the correct mathematical vocabulary when explaining their mathematical thinking. They will be expected to speak in full sentences when sharing an answer.

Relevant maths vocabulary will be displayed in the classroom, on slides and in books throughout all lessons in order to support their oracy.                                                                       Ideas and activities regularly move from teacher to children and back again through ping ponging.Planned mini plenaries will take place during independent tasks throug questioning.The teacher will move around the room, checking the understanding of all pupils’ throughout the lesson allowing for instant feedback and formative assessment. In each lesson, the children will complete fluency (know), reasoning (understand) and problem solving tasks (apply) which will all relate to the microscopic learning objective allowing the children to gain a deeper understanding. Children will be taught rules and patterns within areas of maths rather than just a technique to find an answer. For example, knowing what happens to a number when multiplied by 10 and identifying/explaining the pattern.                                           

    As a school we put a high importance on improving the children's number and times table facts.By the end of Year 1, most children will know number bonds within 20. By the end of Year 4, most children will know their times tables to 12 x 12. They will be able to apply these facts confidently during maths lessons. Number facts and times tables will be taught through various activities. These activities will include TT Rockstars, counting sticks, daily 10, singing and weekly quizzes


Our aim is for all children will achieve a deeper understanding in all areas of mathematics by giving them the confidence to orally explain and show their understanding and knowledge.



Year Group Mathematics Yearly Overviews

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