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Phonics is a method for teaching reading and writing of the English language by developing learners' phonemic awareness - the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes - in order to teach the correspondence between these sounds and the spelling patterns (graphemes) that represent them.

The goal of phonics is to enable beginning readers to decode new written words by sounding them out, or in phonics terms, blending the sound-spelling patterns. Since it focuses on the spoken and written units within words, phonics is a sublexical approach and, as a result, is often contrasted with whole language, a word-level-up philosophy for teaching reading.

Read Write Inc

At Marden Lodge, we use the synthetic phonics programme Read Write Inc. This is a very structured system which allows teachers to accurately and confidently assess pupils' phonic awareness at each stage of their learning. Whilst it is rigorous, it is also fun. Children learn new sounds with Fred the Frog and learn to read with their peers at a stage appropriate level. For more info, please visit the Read Write Inc website:

Click here for more information about Read Write Inc. 


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