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Mission, Aims and Principles

Mission, Aims and Principles

Mission Statement


Aiming High - Working Hard - Learning Together as Families


Our Families will be encouraged to: 

* believe anything is possible because they are motivated and aspire to achieve

* be independent in their quest to learn new skills & strategies for helping themselves  to flourish

* be confident, resilient risk takers

* celebrate diversity and be proud to be themselves



We believe that all families:

* have a right to enjoy the Centre facilities and succeed regardless of gender, race or ability

* are seen as individuals, where their needs are identified and responded to and where they are given the best possible chance to fulfil their talents

* should be encouraged to grow in confidence and self-esteem; to become independent and learn to take responsibility

* should have their curiosity, creative thinking and questioning minds stimulated

* should be in a happy, safe, secure and stimulating environment.

We believe that we should be working in partnership with families, so we will:

* work together with parents and carers as a mutually supportive, creative and innovative team

* support parents and carers in their role as educator

* value everyone and celebrate all achievements

* always try our best in all that we do

* promote a brighter future for us all by developing the potential of the whole community and beyond

Our promise/commitment to families is that they will:

* receive  high quality care &  learning experiences from our qualified staff

* receive an experience that takes into account their personal interests and learning styles

* be supported, encouraged, motivated and nurtured in  a  safe and stimulating environment

* feel safe and be encouraged to take risks that will help to achieve a positive outcome for themselves