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Getting ready to start school

Getting ready to start School

We are often asked what you can do to ensure that your child is ready to start school. This journey has been happening for a while, through the time you spend with your child at home, and through their time at pre-school / nursery. Children are ‘school ready’ when they have some resilience and confidence to try new things, when they have a keenness to learn and explore, and when they can communicate their basic needs. This is sometimes referred to as ‘school readiness’. School readiness not only refers to the attributes of a child, but also the roles and responsibilities of families, teachers and practitioners in ensuring children are ready and able to access learning as they enter school and beyond. It is about children having a broad range of skills, knowledge and attitudes to build upon for success in school and it includes having started to develop meaningful and responsive relationships, experiences, and interactions. Please click here to find out more about Children’s readiness for school.

Links with current nurseries

Caterham Children’s Centre is based on the site of Marden Lodge Primary School, allowing us to work closely together. In preparation for school, staff at the Children Centre support the school in this transition period. We want to make the transition exciting and something your children will look forward to therefore each child will receive a booklet all about Marden Lodge. This book will contain photographs of the classroom, areas of the school and the staff, including a little explanation of their role to help your child become familiar with us.

If you are new to Marden Lodge, we will arrange to visit your child at home, feedback from parents shows that this has been a valuable time to share more information about the school and for your child to meet new adults in a familiar surroundings, therefore allowing our staff team to find out a little more about your child’s interests. We will also make contact with your current nursery, which is  a successful way of finding out how your child likes to learn.