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SCHOOL READINESS – What does this mean for my child?


SCHOOL READINESS – What does this mean for my child?

As a parent you are going to hear the term "School Readiness" on a regular basis, almost from the point of birth - scary isn’t it. There you are with your new born, your kicking and crawling baby, your two year old toddler and all along, "they" are preparing your child for school.

For some, this conjures a picture of a tiny two year old sitting at an oversized desk, feet barely reaching the floor, tiny fingers clutching a lead pencil and tacking logarithms and Pythagoras theorem.The idea of babies and toddlers talking and reading can seem incredible. It is hard to imagine them debating with you about boundaries or curling up with the newest Harry Potter book. But language and literacy skills start early—from birth, watching your baby and learning how she communicates through sounds, facial expressions, and gestures are all important ways to help her learn about language and the written word

So the truth is, no-one is expecting your baby or your two year old to learn in the same way as a five year old, try turning the term "school readiness" around and you will be a little closer to imagining what we are aiming for, to prepare your children to be ready for school, ready to listen, ready to talk, ready to explore, ready to move into any new activity that fills them with the motivation to "have a go", now, that’s less scary isn’t it ?

The Government agenda encourages promotion of early intervention schemes to ensure that all children are ready to start school by age 5, but each child is a small individual with a big personality and it would be unrealistic to imagine that each will have the same starting point. During the first year of "Big School" there will be a variety of factors as to why children are not at the same level of learning and at Marden Lodge we will work with you to find the best way to help your child be confident in the classroom.

Nowadays most families will have made contact with learning environments such as Children’s Centres, pre-schools, playgroups and day nurseries from the early stages of their child’s life. Family sessions such as Bumps & Beyond, through to Stay & Play at Children’s Centres all provide opportunities for your child to play, interact and learn with other similar aged children, with you there to encourage and support. Furthermore, targeted activities such as "Bookstart" and "Creative Little Characters" will provide ideas for you to try at home to extend your child’s language and communication skills. Remember, small children are explorers, they are eager to find out how things work, they learn through play, repetition, encouragement and praise, so it’s not too hard as parents to give children school readiness.

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