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Bye Bye Bump - Hello Baby (We Are Family)


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The Bye, Bye Bump - Hello Baby (We are Family)  workshop for  parents-to-be are delivered by practitioners with specialist Family Links’ training. The programme contributes to:

  • Increased empathic attunement and  secure   attachment
  • Reduced risk of child abuse and neglect
  • Improved couple relationships
  • Reduced stress and perinatal depression
  • Increased understanding of child  development
  • Improved perinatal health for mother and baby

The aim is to prevent some of the difficulties many new parents experience, during the session we will:

  • Give an opportunity for expectant   parents to explore their roots, traditions, hope & fears for the future
  • Develop strong communication between parents by sharing experiences and   Ideas
  • Increase your understanding of your own emotional health and the need to nurture yourself to provide your baby with the best opportunities to grow and flourish
  • Increase your understanding of the  benefits of breast feeding & the practical tasks of   caring for a new baby

Early findings suggest that the ‘Welcome to the World’ programmes  improve antenatal attachment and parental wellbeing—which are strong preventative measures against  future problems including domestic violence and mental health issues, and helping to keep children safe and well.


What Parents Say:

“I think this Programme was fantastically helpful. It is logical & makes so much sense – if understanding & knowledge is power then this course definitely empowers parents to get it right from the very beginning”

“It has helped me  understand more about child development and what I can do to help