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Pine - Year 4


This half term our topic, 'The Blue Abyss' has taken us on a journey across the vast oceans and seas of our planet.

We have learnt about the different layers of the ocean, namely the sunlight zone, twilight zone, midnight zone, abyss and trenches. We looked closely at the characteristics and inhabitants of each layer. We researched and investigated the devastating changes happening to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Our research inspired us to write a persuasive text with the aim to educate our peers on the importance, and urgency, of conservation work to protect what is left of one of our planet's greatest natural wonders.

Finally we have investigated the effect of weight and pressure underwater by creating our own model submarines that can withstand great pressure and travel to the deepest, darkest places on Earth.

'I'd like to be

Under the sea

In an octopus's garden

In the shade

Ringo Starr


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