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Family Support Staff

Our family support staff are on site at varying times during the day as well as visiting families at home if a little support is needed.

The Outreach Team includes Tara, Theresa and Rachel each has their own specialism which we hope will meet the needs of all our families.

OUTREACH STAFF: Tara, Theresa, & Rachel are happy to meet with families on a 1:1 basis, either at home or in the centre, they can work in partnership with any other professionals who are able to help in the support of your family. They are skilled practitioners who can help with child behaviour difficulties, relationship issues, debt & housing problems, drug & alcohol concerns - additionally Theresa is a qualified level 3 Breast Feeding mentor and Baby Massage Practitioner, the ladies are here to support you with anything that is stopping the way you want your family to function.

FEET CO-ORDINATOR: Rachel, Supporting families of 2 year olds and making sure children are able to access nursery provision once funding has been granted

PLAYWORKER:  Hayley facilitates Baby Massage, Bumps & Be You and Kickers & Crawlers, like Theresa, Hayley is a level 3 Breast Feeding Mentor & Baby Massage Practitioner and is available to support new families

ADVICE & INFORMATION WORKERS:  Claire, Hayley G & Natalie are around at all sessions, meeting/greeting and generally making sure families feel welcome at the centre, they are able to signpost to various information sharing web sites and organisations and can also arrange 1:1 contact time between our Outreach Workers and families needing a little additional support

The Caterham Children's Centre Outreach Team, believe that working closely with staff in local daycare settings can identify children whose behaviour suggests there may be an underlying problem. Children who are persistently late, absent, particularly shy or whose confidence is of poor quality may well be experiencing difficulties which create a barrier to their learning and enjoyment in play. They may just need extra help or perhaps a confidence boost, but there could be something more serious and that what the girls need to establish in order to help the family as a whole.

Children and families may be referred to the Outreach Team by Midwives, Health Visitors, Police, Housing, Teachers,  additionally Parents can make the approach themselves. Whilst Tara & Theresa's priority is to work with parents, Hayley, Aimee & Clare may be concentrating on the children, but the two roles complement each other in that children and their parents are encouraged to work together to address the areas of difficulty. We also offer parenting classes to advise parents on how to engage more closely with their children, and we can also signpost them to specialist support where necessary, such as Speech and Language Therapy for example.

We believe that the Outreach initiatives being delivered through  Caterham Children's Centre will help to underpin the relationship between home, nursery and school, and to ensure vulnerable children get the support they need, whatever it may be. The important thing is to reach out to the families who need a little bit of extra help and to offer that help at the earliest possible opportunity. We want parents and children to know they’ve got someone on their side.