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Chatty Children - The Importance of Communication

Communication starts before you even meet your baby, in the womb your child can recognise your voice, so imagine how much is learned from that first cuddle.

Body Language, eye contact, nurturing, holding, cuddling are all important aspects of encouraging good communication, remember, you can't spoil a baby with cuddles OR the length of time you cuddle !

ALL of our family sessions are facilitated to encourage interaction between you and your child, that's why we sing, tell stories, sit on the floor, dance, get messy and explore

If you are worried that your baby might not be communicating in way you would expect, speak to your Health Visitor or the Children's Centre Team, the answer is only a question away


On Tuesday mornings we facilitate a Communication & Language workshop suitable for children aged 2 years and above, these sessions receive excellent feedback and we currently have a waiting list so if this is something you would like to attend please call us to book a place.

If you would like further information, the web sites below are well work a browse